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Achievements for The Last Hex.[1]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Description Icon
World Traveler Walk a total of 10,000 Hexes
Down Boy Defeat the Werewolf
Excellent Day For An Exorcism Defeat the Demon Lord
A Cut Above Defeat the Butcher
Outmaneuvered Defeat the Vanguard
A Necessary Sacrifice Defeat the Lost Cultist
Strange Aeons Defeat the Thing From Below
Crime Does Not Pay Defeat the Bandit Lord
A Bone To Pick Defeat the Skeleton King
Ah Ah Ah! Defeat the Count
Oh Captain My Captain Defeat the Lost Captain
En Garde Defeat the Cursed Swordmaster
From Whence It Came Defeat The Marchosias
Protector Defeat The Lost as the Warrior
MasterMind Defeat The Lost as the Thief
Arch Mage Defeat The Lost as the Wizard
Holier Than Thou Defeat The Lost as the Paladin
Jackpot Defeat The Lost as the Gambler
Master Brewer Defeat The Lost as the Alchemist
Rage Machine Defeat The Lost as the Barbarian
Dark Brother Defeat The Lost as the Assassin
Avatar Spirit Defeat The Lost as the Elementalist
Easy Enough Hidden.
A True Hero Hidden.
Lost Slayer Defeat The Lost
So Close Die at The Lost
A Tragic Start Die in the first battle
First Steps Finish the tutorial
My Trap Card Defeat an enemy with set trap
Do Not Fear The Reaper Hidden.
Magical Mixtures Unlock every potion
Decked Out Unlock every item
Eventful Journey Unlock every event
A Dangerous Road Unlock every enemy
Conscripted Unlock every class
Power Overwhelming Have more than 30 total stats after a victory
Champion of Olympus Obtain all god items
Paragon of Health Defeat The Lost with more than 500 max health
Devotee Destroyer Complete the Cursed Church quest chain
Loyal Customer Buy everything from 1 shop
Like a Boss Defeat The Lost with full health
Just a Flesh Wound Defeat an enemy with 1 hp left
Wealth of Options Unlock all cards
The Collector Unlock everything
Cutting Off the Head Defeat The Lost without defeating any camps
A Drop in the Bucket Defeat The Lost with 10,000 gold
Pacifist Defeat an enemy without attacking
The Best Offense Defeat The Lost without attacking
Trophy Wall Defeat 45 different enemies in a single run with Collector equipped
Careless Lose a rare or better card to the Mimic
Unbreakable Have 1000 defense
Speedrunner Defeat The Lost within 25 minutes

References[edit | edit source]